Softly the Rain
by Marcus Draik

As I sit before the window, as I peer into my soul
All the world I see is empty, every scene is gray and null
No-one moving in the dawnlight, all is quiet now and still
Musing at my own reflection in the rainy windowsill

As I sit and watch the raindrops fall, I'm falling too inside
Love I wished for, hope I'd held to, all of this has slowly died
Sadly still as teardrops fall from both the heavens and my eyes
Rolling down my cheeks and drying, as my heart so numbly cries

Is this all to life that's meant to be, that dreams wash slowly down
Nothing drawing on my heartstrings but illusions, never found
Heavens, cleanse my broken spirit with the rain that softly falls
No-one hearing down below them, so to there my heart now calls