The Seasons of Love

Oh, love in spring, you’re peridot,
and new’s the grass with dew - aglow!
On clovered knoll ourselves we fling.
You’re peridot, oh love in spring!

In summer’s sun, love blazes red,
and to the dune at dusk we’re led
neath cobalt sky that’s crimson spun.
Love blazes red in summer’s sun.

When fall arrives, our hues change oft.
Like leaves through winds of life we waft.
Then comes the chill, but love still thrives.
Our hues change oft when fall arrives.

When snow descends, we’re changed to white,
the color of reflected light.
And though we die, pure love transcends.
We’re changed to white when snow descends.
A Summer's Ending Sonnet Kyrielle

As Autumn veils my season's smile,
Which lingers in the air a while;
Though Indian days be gilding spun,
My summering shall come undone.

Night's shadows fall more quickly now;
Birds sooner do forsake their bough.
No tarrying does old friend Sun
When summering has come undone.

Oh, Warmth of Summer, leave me not.
Through Winter's frost I grow distraught.
The melancholy has begun.
My summering does come undone.

As Autumn veils my season's smile,
My summering shall come undone.
Day of the Last Serenade

A lakelet of serenity am I,
nestled here among the fragrant pines;
reflecting the cerulean of  sky
till Sun behind the distant peak reclines.

Now humming bugs crepuscular emerge
to greet the twilight's creeping.  Next a fawn
does soundlessly appear upon my verge.
A lapping in the stillness. . . then she's gone.

Dawn arrives.  I'm longing to be painted
once again by Sun the color azure.
Jubilant that I remain untainted,
I croon to nature, rippling my rapture.

Strange creatures interrupt my peace. . . I cease.
And lo!  They've sapling legs but squawk like geese.

Though mountains' valley is my home,
It serves me as a catacomb;
God's gentle hills I'd rather see.
An Iowan's heart still beats in me.

Here stalks of corn reach not as high;
The colors of the twilight sky
Match not those of my memory.
An Iowan's heart still beats in me.

The heat dies down, but ne're is found
One lightening bug to flicker round
And grant this night a fantasy.
An Iowan's heart still beats in me.

Though mountains' valley is my home,
An Iowan's heart still beats in me.

A sleep
Descending on the twilight streets;
Snow, in silent fields you lie pristine-
Neath glow of moon, a blanket shimmering.
Oblivion serene!
Tranquilly envelop me in
A snow
The more you fall, the  deeper that I go
Oh, Sweet Slumber,
Suffocate with pearly flakes
Those of us the weary that repose,
Long time having waited like the windrows.
As Boreas does blow,
Lull and bury all in drifting, dreamy
Poems are copyrighted by Andrea Dietrich
What Lovely Blankets

What lovely blankets that each season brings!
Along with breezy March, sweet April flings
her coverlets of green on me.  I sigh,
content beneath my canopy of sky.
I’m born again; the spirit of me sings!

My spread of beauty through the summer clings
but then is threadbare when cool Autumn swings
around with patchwork sure to catch the eye.
What lovely blankets!

Bright leaves cover me; some fly like wings
of south-bound geese . A frost arrives and stings
my skin grown bare.  It’s Winter drawing nigh
with thick white comforters. Then by and by,
these quilts unravel too. Again come Spring’s.
What lovely blankets!
A Springtime Song

Showers fall and robins call.
Buds grow on the trees.
Meadows green; long grasses lean
warmed by April’s breeze.

Flowers beam and streamlets gleam
on each mountain slope.
Colors sing and everything
blossoms love and hope.
My Pearless Pear Tree

My pear tree is a tree so rare
no others on the block compare
to her; she stands so straight and tall,
and April it's a snow white shawl
of blossom pearls she likes to wear!

I wonder at her limbs that flare
out from her trunk, her regal air!
A lovely one that gives her all
My pear tree is.

And even though my tree can bear
not even one sweet pretty pear,
she spreads strong arms and gives her share
of space for birds that come to call
till dull and lifeless in the fall
she grows. . . But come the spring, how fair
my pear tree is!
How Kind Dawn Is

While at my window seat, I watch spring's Dawn
come easing into day with amber rays.
She lays a gilded glaze upon my lawn
and with her advent, scatters gloomy haze.

Like butter on my morning toast, her light
is smoothly spread enticingly across
my portion of the universe, for Night
has yielded to the magic of her gloss.

I quickly dress. Behind my house I run
to see her at her zenith. Dawn now spills
a plenitude of honey from the sun
onto a field of brilliant daffodils.

How kind Dawn is, how lovely to behold
in seasons when she touches Earth with gold!
Ode to Summer

My lady is the wind's soft sigh
Through fields of marigolds in June,
A beach night stroll beneath the moon,
A cloudless sky, a butterfly.
She waltzes to a rhapsody
And lifts her voice soulfully.
My lady is. . .

A splendid sunset in July
As two soared high in a balloon.
The bliss we tasted, you and I,
Against a bright sky streaked maroon,
Is almost like a fantasy
Which lingers in my memory.
My lady is. . .

A tranquil August lullaby,
The ocean's sound along a dune,
A dragonfly, a blue jay's cry,
A lazy daisy afternoon
Till Autumn brings new poetry;
Then long warm nights soon cease to be,
And months of Winter's chill ensue.

My lady is the wind's soft sigh
Through fields of marigolds in June,
A splendid sunset in July,
A tranquil August lullaby.
She waltzes to a rhapsody
Which lingers in my memory.
When months of Winter's chill ensue,
I've bid my Lady Love adieu.
Nature’s Gift Unwrapped by Fall

A potpourri of imagery
Is nature's gift unwrapped by fall.
Bright colors burst from every tree!
A potpourri of imagery
sparks harvesting of poetry
ere winter shows her chilling pall.
A potpourri of imagery
Is nature's gift unwrapped by fall.
The Avalanche

The avalanche comes plunging down
like ocean foam. How white the snow!
King Mount casts off his lofty crown;
the avalanche comes plunging down!
It wraps pines' green and chilled earth's brown
beneath its crushing roaring flow.
The avalanche comes plunging down.
Like ocean foam, how white the snow!