One Evening in July

One evening driving homeward, I
defied wind's rage from darkened sky.
Ensuing deluge gave me fright.
But God is good and all is right.

When soon my house came into view,
southward was cerulean blue.
And to the west the sun shone bright.
Oh, God is good and all is right.

I looked and saw the large orb rest
upon a mountain gleaming lest
I look away, miss more delight!
Oh, God is good and all is right.

From west where azure sky met gray
to where peaks rose, a rainbow lay!
And there is stayed, a wondrous sight.
Oh, God is good, and all is right.

This memory I need to store
inside my mind. When troubles pour,
I'll think on it, and so I write. . .
my God is good, and all is right.
Tides Ever Fall and Rise
(In Memory)

Tides ever fall and rise as they proceed
through time as God, the Maker, has decreed.
A poet standing on a lonely dune
saw billows rolling in beneath the moon,
and pondering, he watched the waves recede.

At dawn, he'd note each rock and swaying reed.
There surged within him verse that would exceed!
With sky and earth and sea he was in tune.
Tides ever fall and rise. . .

Then swallowed by a wave of illness, he'd
not falter, for he knew where death would lead!
His poetry and friendship were our boon.
His ashes on the currents have been strewn;
his kindly soul to heaven flown is freed.
Tides ever fall. . . and rise.
Poems are copyrighted by Andrea Dietrich
Consider Them
(". . . Consider the lilies of the field,
how they grow. . . " Matthew 6:28-33)

Consider them - mere lilies
of the field that thrive with ease.
So glorious. . . there was not one,
not even fair King Solomon
as brightly dressed as one of these!

They do not toil. What qualities
do flowers have that we might seize
before our time on earth is done?
Consider them. . .

If we, like lilies, choose to please,
with simple faith, the One who sees
all things, we too will have begun
to be as these beneath the sun,
who bend with grace upon the breeze.
Consider them!
Nearer My God
(The Band Played On)

Nearer my God to Thee played on. . .
calmly played by eight who stood upon
a sinking deck. That fearless band
just played at nobody's command
as if in strange oblivion!

Surely some serenity was drawn
that night by all those hanging on
to hope and hearing strains so grand. . .
Nearer my God.

They vanished long before the dawn,
but for those eight, a prize was won.
For though they'd not return to land,
They'd all been strong and selfless and
would know a better place anon. . .
Nearer my God.
It's Solacing

It's solacing, December's snow
and breezes that in summer blow.
And how it cheers my soul to see
in spring the blossoms on my tree,
and see in fall her leaves' bright glow.

And after rain, to spy a bow
that's stretched across the sky to show
a promise made to you and me. . .
it's solacing.

How sweet are Nature's ebb and flow.
But things are changing; soon we'll know
Earth's stress may have no remedy!
But while things go as they should go. . .
it's solacing.
The Peacemaker

Both curious and wishing I could meet
this man renowned surrounded by mystique,
I wondered if he practiced in deceit,
so there I was to listen to him speak.

How strange the things I’d heard!  What to believe?
He seemed so plain of dress and countenance!
Perhaps because the common man’s naive
they sought him for uncommon sustenance.
For many came with hungered souls to fill,
while some said he would lead them all astray.

Deriding him, they baited him, but still. . .
He would not be confounded, and that day
He touched a blind man’s lids and made him see.
Then Jesus smiled, and peace enveloped me.
The Dawning

They passed through countless clouds.  He wondered what
could be beyond. . .  and greater than them all.
A cynic, he was also one who sought
for answers in a world where he felt small.

And when they hit a bump, he felt no qualm,
but stared out at the enigmatic sky.
The pilot started talking; he stayed calm
as frightened passengers began to cry.

The plane blew up; suspended in a mist
were he and all the others from the flight.
He marveled that life’s story had this twist
and bodiless, his spirit still had sight!

And when he entered whitest light, it dawned
on him that he was bound for the beyond!
A Love Song For the Universe

A love song for the universe
(If all would sing) could travel high,
Its notes of harmony traverse
the paths of stars beyond the sky!

And if all feeling souls could hear
A love song for the universe,
There'd be an end to hate and fear,
So join and sing this simple verse. . .

Whose strains sung strongly could immerse
All worlds in peace, sweet melody,
A love song for the universe.
Why can't it be sung easily?

And with eternal hope will cling
All spirits who need not rehearse
What all of us so need to sing,
A love song for the universe!
His Day Had Come

His day had come, and so He went and prayed.
The woes of all mankind upon him weighed.
His brethren slept. . .  He knew what would befall.
His enemies conspired and did not stall.
A midnight kiss, and he would stand betrayed.

First seized, accused, reviled, then stripped and flayed,
A scarlet robe on broken flesh then laid,
He bore the brutal cross and drank the gall.
His day had come.

A final breath. . . the sacrifice was made.
The land then quaked.  God’s sorrow was displayed.
The Son in linen. . . on the earth a pall.
But in the sepulcher, His final call-
To conquer death!  Man need not be afraid.
His day had come.
The Evening's Come

The evening's come. Now close your eyes,
And gently drift into the night.
Release your soul from earthly ties;
The evening's come. Now close your eyes.
Move on beyond the star-laced skies
Until you find the Greater Light.
The evening's come. Now close your eyes,
And gently drift into the night.