In Evening, after the orange sun
Has sunk beneath the the blue horizon,
The full moon brightens in the sky,
Darkening into the color of your eyes.
The world is still and awaits your presence.
For you are not here,
Though I hear you in the songs
That small birds sing
In this sunset hour...
The stars awaken, glistening
Arise from their beds in the sea!
A fresh cool breeze filled
With the scent of flowers
Flows in from the wooded mountains...

O, such peace deserves much more
Than one soul alone to bathe in it:
It is peace sickened by this single lack:


There were times though, like this,
When we were together, your hand in mine.
Then I felt the ruins of the world unite,
And give rise to cities no man ever saw;
I felt the pieces of the universe, these shards
And fragments of my vision, coalesce,
Become whole, warm and bright!

On those evenings, I glimpsed
The infinite.


But if the evening if all wild,
The storm tosses trees, kills
Young birds, destroys nests,
Homes, breeds a fierce river
That floods the fields
And peaceful pastures of the mind,
Hunts down fleeing animals,
Tears flowers from their sockets
And buries them in mud and branches,--
O, if this is so, all this blinding
Fury, then must we also share
As we shared nature's beauty
In the same sunset evening —
These agonies of nature?

We have already broken with nature,
By breaking one from one.
We lost eternity.
"..To feel a rapture that is eternal! Eternal! - Its end would be despair..."    —Goethe, Faust
"O friend, I long to delight with you in the beauty of the evening."    —Das Lied von der Erde