"O Love! Last Night Seemed a Dream"
O love! Last night seemed a dream:
Love that has awakened and now,
Can it further grow, and live?
Today I think of yesterday's
Isolation in the park,
Night interrupted only by distant lights
In the dark: and you, you are a song,
That curls about me, sings me into love,
Sings of life and the flowers
And the soft spring mornings,
The sun, the moon: your eyes
Are lights, so bright, that shine
And often make me see myself.
O love! Now the fall
Will be full of pain: that splitting,
If it lasts so long as that:
And then the agonized fall into the night
Of no lights, no eyes to see, no one
To talk to, speak with, sing laughter
To the world; no one to hold, to free
My soul, to transform my loneliness into poetry
And happiness: all this, without you.

Did I merely dream it? It seems so hazy
Now: I remember the closeness, my lips
Kissing your forehead, feeling your hair,
And my speaking of soft words
I hope you softly felt, in your heart,
As they did mine, the words
That often wildly were spoken, in wild desire:
And I hope that the rain did not cool
Or drench you, and your love: I shield you,
I hold you, I speak with you, you laugh,
But may you never cry.

When I die
(In memory, in love), then we
would be apart. No longer together.
Night and day thus we shall be:
Meeting at the dusk and evening
But never, never together. The eventual
Changing is everlasting, that transforms
Itself into disparate parts. Two separated
Hearts. Songs unsung.

—Dissonance into that harmony
Would disturb the heart's content,
And the one piece of music
Thus into two fragment: the shattering
Death of love, the love's heart's love
Faded, and in sudden realization
Comes the tearing diminished sound
Octaved and forted, rending the once-flowing
Song and cleaving it in two: the breaking
Of one heart, not both. —

—But yet, do not fear,
To speak honesties: truth
Must conquer all. Omnia
Vinci veritas: and do not shirk
From the truth. We must be
Free. Free from the withholding
Of deception. From all pretension.
So be not afraid. We cannot be
Free from pain. —