"The Sunlight Falls Away"
The sunlight falls away; you've made
Your home in darkness: because the day
Is too heavy, all that is warm cannot
Ever be taken with you. At each parting:
Your eyes disappearing, my body unable
To stop itself, this motion from place to place, —
All that breaking served no purpose but
As preparation for a later, more terrible loss.
Better to have lived years of silence, not
Filled with laughter. Your touch should
Have been felt with a little less meaning.
Now this meaningless meandering to and fro
Ghostlike through valleys and caverns,
Every day your face appearing in another's glance
As others kiss and say to each other
"I need you" and nothing else in the world exists.
Making the world vanish only a magic trick
When actually nothing has changed,
Illusory and absurd it continues, your stare, you're
Still holding my face, my hands, oh, —
They haven't stopped saying farewell yet.
Though I walk alone and you delighting
In another's embrace. They'll continue
To beg forgiveness and an answer,
When suddenly your name is called and it
Isn't someone else, calling you to return...