"The Time Comes Again"
The time comes again when I shall
See you, sweet one: and again we
Shall wonder where to go and what to do:
And o, silence shall be my answer.
Action and separation must remain
Illusions. Always, the eye must refrain
From the world to view you, whom no
Longer I shall insult, tease, blame.
I must return — to times of warmth,
Of gentleness, of logic — logic which
As of late has been destroyed like the order
Of nature, shattered by the blind of our
Civilization -
             In an hour: be kind.
Think before you speak, and weakness
Will not show. Silence is strength.
You are with me, nothing else matters.
My loneliness has vanished like ice
On a hot day. Eye: blink, reopen.
No, it is not a different world.
We are the same to each other
Because we have changed with each other,
Alongside each other on the landscape of love.