"They Remain, Endless Lonely Streets"
They remain, endless lonely streets. The crickets
Sing it seems forever. And the voices build again,
Maddening, they are speaking all at once and not
A single word can be distinguished. This is the time
Of day when lovers sink into each other's arms
And form new islands in this empty world,
O not when you fall into your own folded arms
Alone, wishing for that time when they held
That bright future...In an age of faith when
Nothing can be believed, paraphrases abound -
So the essential song's warped by now, foreign
To the ear. Each morning awake with horror,
Repulsed by the dream, the sudden kiss,
Lips speaking another language... O you can't
Live this life anymore, you've overdone your stay
Here, — just when the dream seemed so crystal,
It broke. O eyes in the mirror whose are you,
Circles of confusion, the wanderer and dead end,