A glimpse back into my childhood days,
Parts I would like to relive in tranquil gaze.
The boy I once knew
In dirty knees and collar cuff sleeves
I used to use as napkin handkerchiefs.

Looked after by woman from an Edwardian age
In a boarding school surrounded by acres of woodland.
This was our home during long, green summer days.
In free time, away from discipline and school regime
We roamed within the bounds of a large school grounds.

Through knot-gnarled gates, along paths of straggling nettles
That wove throughout the entire estate.
Down moss green slopes it was our fun to slide,
Shrubs tearing our grey school suits and dirty hands.
Bramble scratched among the ferns, snails and grass snakes
We made love in the bushes with the girls,
Secluded in our camps and tree house schemes
With built in camouflage foliage screens,
All beneath nests of rowdy crows;
So many good memories.

Finally, the land was lost to the bulldozer.
Encroaching modern suburbia overtook
The woods and the long grass, adder snake fields.
The horses, foxes and rabbits, the many squirrels.
Cats, more wild than domestic.
Habitat to creatures and plants we hardly see or ever know.
All long since gone now,
Just nostalgia in memory as
The sound of cuckoos, wood pigeons and the owl
always remind me.
School Days