Stealing apples at the end of day
From an orchard where I used to play.
Enjoying the riches of the delicious fruit
On the way home,
Smug with the stealth of my wealth.
Talking to myself with a fanciful mind
Imagining everything to be safe and sound
Not realising that the way home
Would be the rebound of my deeds.
Playing riding on horse -back pirates
Along a prairie plain
Clinging onto the crown of a horse’s mane.
Galloping down around weathers’ sculptures of old trees,
Statues of mood among a hive of bees.
Paths lost their way through broken clustered stone walls
And over a trampled shrubbery I strayed.
Becoming aware of the stillness
In the glare of the low sun
And the deepening quiet in the wilderness
I noticed characters of the plant kingdom
Changing into unfamiliar strangers
And the detail of nature diminishing fast.
Dark bushes that suddenly became stirring sheep
As I approached beneath the trees
That were to me knurled like totem poles,
Seething frondiferous monsters and clownish hispid pines
Where tree rats clung from leaves to leaves,
Avoiding the shaggy spines.
With the dark corridors of trees all around,
Roofed in by the evergreen, I would never be found I thought.
Within the eerie hoods of chuckling leaves,
Old faces of murmuring knaves and thieves,
Spanned a fan winged bird striding wide.
Full of funk and fright I stampeded, swirling forces
Powering me down, turning me around and around.
Blind to snares as the rushing focus swayed,
Bristles curled into whirling shafts of darting spears.
Sharp rushes crept in the hidden brush of crouching barb bushes
Springing to fork the dark with war-head buds.
Prongs of the branches lance poked as I flared forward in panic.
Debouching from the fungous shaped wood of maze mob trees,
The wind slurring over the sizzling, sidling moor.
As I crashed into a bush, clasping a wattle branch
Bearded with wriggling tongues, a figure stooped its drooping head
To see what I could be within its writhing cloak of leaves
And said to me
To thieve to feast is your way through a wood of insidious beasts.