Each Day A New Beginning
Each day a new beginning lays in front of me
A pristine page to paint upon for all the world to see.
Sometimes I paint in bright yellow for laughter, joy and fun;
For smiles and hugs and happiness as warm as noon day sun.
Sometimes the canvas looks all gray when the storm clouds do appear
They mark the days of deep sorrow of loss and pain and fear.
Sometimes the page has images of sweet dreams or memories.
Yet others hold only my words to recall events to me.
Some pages come with corners curled, bent and with dog ears.
Others bear a blight from coffee cups and tears.
All these pages are bound together to tell the story of my life;
Along and winding journey from daughter to mother and wife.
Each day is a new beginning and I thank the Lord above
For giving me this page to paint upon, for laughter, tears and love.
Copyright D. W. Rickard (DeesHome.com)