He's gone!
I saw it coming but could not prevent it.
I could have cried, I might even have begged
but I did nothing.
I chose instead to let him walk away.
After all he has the soul of a proud young lion
And everyone knows you can't tame the heart of a wild beast.
So, I let him walk away.
But he left not knowing how he had touched my life.
He never knew how he had taught me to believe;
Not just in the woman I am
But also in the woman I will become.
He always said that if dreams are just dreams...dream big
And trust in the possibility that dreams do come true.
He showed me how to reach for the stars
While keeping myself grounded here on earth.
He preached that you could only tell how far you had come
by remembering from whence you came...
By accepting it, embracing it, using it;
Not as a stumbling block but as a stepping stone.
He brought to me serenity and joy.
The joy of learning how to be alone without loneliness.
To be tuned in to my God, all things natural
And a world of things not yet explained.
But most of all he taught me love.
Love...in its purest form,
Given freely from the heart,
Not as a reward or in exchange
for what you might receive in return.
But given unconditionally and without prejudgment.
And now he is gone.
Though my body yearns for his touch,
My heart understands, that I could no more hold him
Than I could hold air in a closed fist.
And though his leaving should have crushed me;
It did not.
For he left behind the very best of himself
To fill me with the rapture that was ours alone to share.
Our brief moment in infinity,
a small piece of forever.
And so, I let him go.
Copyright D. W. Rickard (DeesHome.com)