An Evening Song

Outside my window
the sun descends
bringing the song of evening,
birds huddled on the phone wires,
leaves dancing
with the rising wind,
stretching out their arms,
trying to hold the dying day

The Meeting

We are blessed, unchanged by time
in this safe place,
a special room in our hearts
we are known as we have been known,
strangers meeting,
greeting each other
looking into the eyes
of one from another place,
another time.
Finding lost pieces and feeling each
new moment,
running our hands
over the braille of existence.
Though torn apart,
each is kept alive
in heart and mind,
in a special room,
the wound heals,
cells merge together,
we meet again
knowing as we have been known,
unchanged by time.

Being Here

Drops of sunlight
on water

A sparrow alighting
on a swaying branch

Bees caressing
each newly opened flower

Shadows growing
over warming earth

If I look too hard it fades away
so I let life fill me as it wishes,
my spirit knows no time, no bounds
I am born again with each new moment.

Life Line

I have known you forever
since yesterday, never
an aged hand that becomes a child's
hand over hand
a continuum of motion.
I have heard your voice in my own
stopping,searching for the pattern,cadence
the identifiable print that floats
from one mind to the next,
a million particles swept out a door
nurturing roots reborn.
I have known you forever,
the scent of lilacs, dust and a thousand memories
stacked in corners, on shelves
stone piled on stone
a temple built inside a heart
beating out it's rippling message
water through sand
never ceasing.

Breathing Autumn

In the gathering, darkening air
in this struggle
and this sweet simplicity
the stirring, red-leaved trees
surround me.

In this glorious, dying sunburst
I die with the passage of time
and am filled with its promise
of resurrection
a building, burning vibrancy
flying away on the wings of a blackbird.

I breathe out its lengthening shadows
I breathe in its colors flying
and feeling the fading light on the land
hold its fragile fervor close to my heart
a dignity, an eternity
that I cherish.

Angels of the Forest

The forest haunts me,
I am drawn into it,
the stiff grass crunches
under my feet,
silent trees shield me
with fragrant, shrouded arms.
I close my eyes,
hear the forest's voice,
it's soft,
sad sigh,
the sweet breath on my skin
a frantic,
beating flies around me,
encircles, encloses,
trying to lift me
with a dozen silver wings.
I run, but swiftly they fly,
up and over my head,
freed from earthly restraints,
leaving me,
alone, yet still reaching,
always reaching up,
a soul calling out
to be captured.
Elizabeth Farrell

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