Elizabeth Santos

A collection of works
Blush of Love

The Voice

With Age

Family Album

If I Had Known

In the Company of Thought

Don't Wake Up the Sun

Down Snowy Bank

Forever Gone

Paper Promises

The Beholder

Once Upon a Christmas Eve

To You

How Can I Say Goodbye

The Scent of a Rose Petal

The Quiet Spirit

The Lady In White

Posy Petals

The Treasure Hunter

Little Boy Blue
The Burden

Last Moment of Sunset

Once Upon the Brink of Life


Mutual Admiration

Time That Mystifies

The Stone Fence

Give Me a Kiss


I Love You As the Dewdrops Bleed

The Boy Who Fought

Bubbles, Bubbles, I've Got Troubles

The Little Angel

Golden Wish

Winding the Clock

White Cotton

Rainy Tuesday Morning

Poet Friends

I Died a Death
Elizabeth Santos is an accomplished poet from Pennsylvania, writing on a variety of topics
Her works are also featured on http://www.silentwords.com
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