Bubbles, Bubbles, I've Got Troubles
by Elizabeth Santos
Bubbles, bubbles, I've got troubles!
I just spilled my bubble stuff
I was in here to be napping
Mommy's going to make a fuss!

Now my troubles just got doubled!
I just spilled my paint water
All over mommy's brand new carpet
I will hear some words from her!

Now I am in big, big trouble!
Sneaking out to get a drink
I spilled milk on Daddy's briefcase
Troubles worser than you think!

Accidents get you in trouble
Trouble is my middle name
I spilled Mommy's brand new perfume
She will never be the same!

Back to my bedroom on the double
To continue with my nap
I tripped up and broke a lamp
She will not be pleased with that!

I cleaned everything right up
And jumped back into bed
I heard Mommy's footsteps coming
Quickly covered up my head!

Mommy came into my bedroom
Not a single word she said
She sat down beside me and then
Kissed me gently on the head