Don't Wake Up the Sun
by Elizabeth Santos
Fall gently, sweet dew drops,
don't wake up the sun
Or let purple shadows
of dawn come undone
Hold on to the lingering
fresh early mist
For these are the moments
when I will be kissed

Don't waken the lily
or petals of rose
Let dew settle soft
before everything glows
Still wrapped in a blanket
of deep morning haze
For these are the sweetest
hours of my days

When I am awakened
by sounds of a lark
Which echo so sweetly
in mist of the dark
I capture these moments,
exquisite and true
With misty eyed tenderness
wakening you

The vapor of dawn
is the dew of delight
The mist of enchantment
that came through the night
Don't hurry the sunbeam,
let dawn's light resist
For this is the moment
that I will be kissed