Down Snowy Bank
by Elizabeth Santos
On powder topped with icy crest
When snow is at its' very best
A blade of steel will hardly budge
Until it gets a little nudge

A simple push then off it goes
Down laden hills of fallen snows
With whispering swoop of sliding sled
The white tailed doe perks up her head

Into the woods she flies the breeze
And leaves her prints among the trees
On needled branch the blue jay swings
Then dusts it off with fluttering wings

Past evergreen the runners glide
While blue jay flaps and rabbits hide
Each creature's path on snowy white
Are little footprints of delight

On unmarked path, first sled to go
Leaves telling trail marks in the snow
Then others follow one by one
Until the thrilling ride is done

Then up the hill to trudge they must
On slippery foot in icy dust
They leave their boot prints in the deep
Of snows that crunch beneath their feet

But willing to repeat the prank
A hundred times down snowy bank
There's nothing like a snowy day
To fill the air with child's play

The snow is silent, white and deep
It makes them laugh, then makes them sleep