Forever Gone
by Elizabeth Santos
The rose is now forever gone
The scent remains the whole life long
And visions of a petal's hue
Abide within the depth of you

The wine he poured and slowly sipped
Remains on wetness of your lip
A taste so sweet does not depart
Embedded in a tender heart

A touch of silk, a feel of soft
The sense of rising up aloft
To touch the clouds, to soar the sky
Still dwells in reminiscent eye

How well we save the little parts
Of sweetness wrapped within our hearts
And never count the solemn tears
That fill the soul throughout the years

His words are scrolled in lyric rhyme
That live forever in your mind
His eyes that once enchanted yours
Are diamond's gleam that still allures

The rose yet blossoms in your eyes
It is a flower that never dies