Give Me A Kiss
by Elizabeth Santos
Give me a kiss
and I'll tell you a tale
Of butterfly wings
that flutter and sail
That tumble and twist,
but when they are still
They make your heart throb
at the wonder and thrill

So dainty and light,
they are swept by the wind
You could never imagine
the strength from within
How in the world do
they manage to go
On a round trip vacation
to old Mexico?

We think we invented
all manner of flight
But we're awed and appalled
at the butterfly's might

Give me a hug
and I'll tell you a tale
About the impossible
feats of a whale
He spews out a fountain
of mystical mist
And speaks with a whale-like
linguistical twist

Like a rocket he suddenly
propels from the sea
Laborious and glorious,
victoriously free
He dapperly dives
to the deep darkest depth
Maintaining his grace
and sustaining his breath

We think that we've conquered
the oceans we sail
Still confused and bemused
by the cues of a whale

Sit on my lap
and we'll talk of a bird
Who sings the most beautiful
song ever heard
On a tropical palm tree
the Sabia sings
His music is honored
by poets and kings

His melodies tease
and pleasantly please
As they float over rivers
and rain forest trees
They enrich and bewitch
other birds all around
Who are lured to his tree
by the musical sound

We think we produce
the best music by far
But the Sabia laughs
at our poor repertoire

Give me a hug and a kiss
and we'll look
At butterfly wings
in your butterfly book
Come here to Grandma
and listen to tales
We'll ponder the wonders
of wonderful whales
We'll try to imagine
the Sabia's song
That has captured and raptured
his world all along

Please give me a kiss,
it's time now for bed
Let the butterflies tumble
and twirl in your head
Grab onto a whale
and swim into the deep
Let the Sabia's music
put you to sleep
A Poem For My Grandchildren