If I Had Known
by Elizabeth Santos
If I had known in youthful days
The power of love, the way it stays
I surely would have recognized
The depth of love within your eyes

If I had known a butterfly
Could conquer space and wind and sky
I would have seen her splendid ways
And not the wings of colored glaze

If only I had listened well
To music from the valley swell
I would have harbored deep within
The meadow lark's most sacred hymn

I wish that I had walked the mile
To seek the riches most worthwhile
I would have known the loveliness
Of hillside woods in autumn dress

I don't regret the life I chose
But if I'd breathed the scent of rose
The fragrance would have lingered here
In my surroundings year to year

If I had known that to survive
The spirit ,too, must be alive
I wouldn't have lost a love so fine
A treasure that was nearly mine

If I had known I loved you so
I never would have let you go
But youthful eyes are in a daze
And only see the colored glaze

With dainty wing and willful might
The butterfly takes distant flight
How could my heart have seen those things
Beyond imbued and fragile wings

I haven't any one regret
Except that I cannot forget