Little Boy Blue
by Elizabeth Santos
It's trucks and it's tractors
Kittens and dogs
Flittering butterflies
Snowflakes and frogs

It's mud and it's puddles
It's baseballs and bugs
Peanut butter kisses
And Teddy bear hugs

A picture book story
A little lost shoe
A kiss and a hug
And then Winnie the Pooh

A world made of moments
A heart made of love
Two eyes that are made
Of the blue from above

The face of an angel
The mind of a child
The trust of a little one
Tender and mild

He's everything precious
The moon and the sun
The gold of the earth
And the hearts he has won

He steps out of babyhood
Into a boy
And with it he thrills us
With laughter and joy

What shall we say to this
Little Boy Blue?
We'll say Happy Birthday
Today he is TWO!