Once Upon a Christmas Eve
by Elizabeth Santos
Once upon a Christmas Eve,
in blustery chill of night
The wind was blowing sparkling
icy beads of crystal light
The powdery snow in spiral twists
blew off new fallen mounds
And made a lovely wonderland
across the moonlit ground

At midnight hour through howling wind,
from places far or near
The sound of bells pierced through the night
and touched upon my ear
The moon had passed behind a cloud
alit in glowing light
And cast a shadow of a sleigh
onto the misty white

I rubbed my eyes in disbelief
of what I was to see
Nine reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh
across a starry sea
But then it turned and sped right down
upon our laden roof
Piled high with snow that muffled sound
of sleigh and pausing hoof

I quickly hid myself from sight,
for I had always dreamed
That some day I'd catch Santa Claus
in white and puffy sleeve
And there he was, I know not how,
for I had locked the door
I didn't believe that Santa would stop
at a house so poor

For we had placed just one small toy
beneath the Christmas tree
For each young child to open
Christmas morning happily
But now it seemed that they would have
more presents to receive
This Christmas would be happier
than any I'd conceive

But Santa set his bag aside,
and took no presents out
Instead he looked around and then
he slowly turned about
And there he saw that we had placed
a little stable scene
With Christ Child in the manger,
as three kings bowed in esteem

Santa stood in wonder
and then knelt so humbly there
Before the Lord and Savior,
he said a Christmas prayer
His words were spoken softly,
and before he went away
He touched each empty stocking,
not a toy did he display

So strange a scene disturbed the night,
and I could sleep no more
Knowing Santa left not one
small present for the poor
But then I fell into a slumber
til the break of day
And laughed away my silly dream
that snowy Christmas Day

When morning broke, the children woke
and rushed downstairs to see
Each found his gift with ribbon wrapped
beneath the Christmas tree
No presents in the stockings,
as they could plainly see
But one son looked in anyway,
and said "This is for me!"

It was a note from Santa Claus,
it said you are so blessed
To have two parents who have
given you such happiness
And so I leave for you this day
a present from above
For Christ has sent for each of you
a stocking full of love

And in each stocking was a note,
that Santa stopped to leave
Full of love and blessings,
for each child did true believe
The little ones then held the stockings
to their hearts in praise
For they already understood
the richness of their days