Once Upon the Brink of Life
by Elizabeth Santos
Once upon the brink of life
Before a single breath
I pondered all this child faced
Until his final death

A lifelong battle he would fight
To work and stay alive
A complex world of namelessness
In which he must survive

A world with no more peace of mind
A struggle to the death
All these things I thought
Before he took a single breath

There upon the brink of life
I wanted so to say
Why don't you wait until there comes
A much more sunny day

But there he was, an angel child
Born into the world
He lit the room with happiness
His little hands unfurled

My heart was overflowing
With so much pride and joy
So fortunate was mankind to have
One more little boy

And I could see as I looked down
Into his little face
The world is changing, oh, so fast
Into a better place