Poet Friends
by Elizabeth Santos
I strung a necklace made of stars
Each star a poet from afar
Each glimmering charm, a cherished friend
A verse of love without an end

Soulmates without face or name
Stars of glory without fame
Minds of wonder pouring words
Into a hymnal yet unheard

Fresh new phrases light the page
With wisdom of no time or age
And words displayed in silver lines
Of poetry in verse rhymes

Songs of beauty, words of will
Heartaches cup of sorrow's fill
Joy unmeasured but by space
Dimensions of aesthetic grace

Captured visions etched inside
The tenderness of orchid's eye
The rhythm of a seashell's ear
The silence of a falling tear

I gather them and make a charm
A star embraced with open arms
Then string them on a golden chain
And near my heart they will remain