Posy Petals
by Elizabeth Santos
The remnants left of posy red
Once pressed between a page
Now shriveled down to petal dust
Recalls another age
A posy dead, yet rosy red
Still dwells within the eye
That we may draw it's beauty from
A memory by and by

What joy remains from laughter's tune
Immersed in tender tears?
Melodic lilts of pleasure hymns
Forgotten through the years
A treasure box of reminisce
That opens now and then
As chiming echoes of the past
Come forth from deep within

What now endures of love that's lost,
But tastes of bittersweet?
The sorrow of a starless night
Clings on, as memories creep
More vibrant though, the pulsing bliss
That lulls within the vein
And gushes forth when music strikes
A chord of bitter pain

The dreams still drenched in posy flush
Of lovers' ruby days
And laughter churned by simple joys
We grabbed along the way
Are sweet remains of love that's gone
Still rustling in the breeze
The lasting strains of passion notes
Among the willow trees

And posy petals crushed within
The mellowed paper leaves