Rainy Tuesday Morning
by Elizabeth Santos
Rainy Tuesday morning slumber
Overcomes the spirit's will
Warmth of blanket keeps me under
Spells of tapping on my sill

Puttering raindrops softly rapping
Lazy rhythms on the pane
Soothe my ears while I'm still napping
To the music of the rain

Getting up is such a struggle
When I hear that lullaby
Plinking plunk just makes me snuggle
Deeper into warm and dry

Would that I could stay forever
In this cozy dreamy bliss
Cradled in the down of feather
Taking in a moment's wisp

Time won't stop to wait or ponder
Slothful yawns of sleepy head
Still I lay in warmth and wonder
When to topple out of bed

In dreamy snooze, my mind's too fizzley
In the sputtering morning mist
Lazy moods are wrought by drizzley
Tuesday mornings just like this