The Beholder
by Elizabeth Santos
You, who have looked
into the eye of splendor,
and have not responded
with a radiance from the depths
of your being,
have not lived the day.

For the beauty of nature speaks
to you in exquisite ways
and your eyes respond in joy
and mirror the wonders they behold.
Your dialogue with nature
is not in words from your lips,
but in the dancing of your spirit.

Nature responds to you
in the fragrances of the earth,
in the songs of a gurgling brook
and in the wings of an eagle
soaring the open sky,
casting a moving shadow
across the valley of your contentment.

When sun's falling beams
illuminate an opal cloud
and the last crimson rays of sunset
cling to the mountain's edge,
your eyes allow them to drop
beyond the horizon,
and your spirit still dances,
knowing they have slipped
into your tomorrow