The Boy Who Fought
by Elizabeth Santos
We've heard the stories told before
The boys who fought the Civil War
They all stood up and took their turns
And left their mark in powder burns

The songs have been forever sung
The boys who fought in World War I
They said a prayer and would not yield
And fell upon the battlefield

They marched away and got their due
The boys who fought in World War II
We sent them off with hope and pride
And on the beach they humbly died

We watched in silence and in calm
The boys come back from Viet Nam
The ones who went to heed the call
Are now inscribed upon a wall

We must not fail to honor those
Whose fate was one they never chose
They only went for you and me
And country, soul, and liberty

To those who died, I now salute
The deeds we cannot restitute
To those who live, I now embrace
The sorrow written on your face
A Memorial Day Tribute