The Burden
by Elizabeth Santos
Into the darkened
Cathedral she plod
With sin-weary heart
and a spirit downtrod
Seeking atonement
and love from her God

Then making her way
down the aisle alone
As light from the alter
before her was shone
A path to forgiveness
with steps of her own

A life full of sin
of a soul gone astray
She meant to confess
as she entered that day
A penance of sin
she was willing to pay

With a trembling hand
and a faltering step
Up to the alter
she cautiously crept
And as she approached it
she openly wept

Before she could possibly
utter a sound
She discovered forgiveness
on that holy ground
Like a pilgrim whose new
Promised Land had been found

She had carried her sins
like an old albatross
Forgetting redemption
was Satan's own loss
The day that a Prophet
was hung on the cross

Year after year,
every Easter went by
The meaning and value
she'd always deny
And now she remembered
the Who and the Why

A tear from her spirit
still wet on her face
She was freed of the burden
of sin and disgrace
As her past was wiped out
by His Heavenly Grace

As she knelt down and prayed
at the feet of her Lord
His Love and His Grace
was to be her reward
And into her soul
was abundantly poured

Upon simple honesty
character's built
Forgiveness comes swift
when admitting your guilt