The Lady In White
by Elizabeth Santos
A lady in a dress of white
politely smiled and asked
My writhing mind so unprepared
to live up to the task
What word or phrase is eloquent
enough to ever prove
The beauty of a place called home
that's now so far removed

Somehow her inquiry injected
life into the vein
The very notion of it's truth
helped ease the horrid pain
A bed of steel and soreness
somehow softened by her eyes
And stains of blood evaporated
into tropic skies

"A thousand greens of summer
set against a wooded hill
A little house of white and laced
with April daffodil
A running spring of coolness
bursting out from earth below
A little creature's foot so finely
etched into the snow"

"A yellow field of buttercups
beyond the old stone wall
Crimson gold and umbered orange
leaves come in the fall
And on the night of Christmas Eve,
across the fields of white
The moon makes crystal diamonds
on the blanket of the night"

"The sky is gray, the woods alike,
but when the spring arrives
Colors spread across the earth
and dead becomes alive
The summer birds flock there to nest,
the trees dress up again
And I awake to hear the happy
warbling of a wren"

The memories were herbs that killed
the grueling pain and fright
My eyelids opened slowly
to the clinic's ceiling lights
Above me stood some doctors
with patients of their own
Who stopped to listen to the splendor
of a place they'd never known

A nurse in white beside my bed
compassionately had come
And asked a simple question,
"Tell me dear, where are you from?"