The Little Angel
by Elizabeth Santos
A little angel floated down
With creamy wings and halo crown
Descending through the morning dew
And settled there within my view

She looked at me with cherub face
And hovering steady in one place
She played upon a tiny harp
Such wondrous music in the dark

The glow of halo lit her face
A smile so sweet and full of grace
As I upon my pillow lay
Let little angel fingers play

She plucked a song that ever rings
So tenderly upon the strings
This magic music raptured me
Into a sense of ecstacy

These tunes so dear filled with delight
Like crystal prisms in the night
They filled the room with rainbow hymns
Of music chords I felt within

Never had one played like this
With resonating chords of bliss
What caused an angel to appear
To play sweet music in my ear?

Then in a wink she sped away
Just upon the break of day
I knew that this was not a dream
This angel sweet with wings of cream

Perhaps the angel came to me
And played a hymn exquisitely
So that my heart would be thereof
Prepared to follow her above

But 'twas not so, for on that day
'Twas hymns of joy the angel played
For very early on that morn
My baby grandson had been born