The Quiet Spirit
by Elizabeth Santos
Who is this quiet spirit
who has come into my world
Creeping slowly towards me
as his mysterious traits unfurl
Discourteously intruding
without asking to come in
With no consideration
for the person who's within

He walks in silent footsteps
both steadfast and precise
And slyly interrupts
the daily rhythm of my life
He deliberately alters
my step, my gait, my hand
And manifests himself
in ways that I can't understand

But the ruinous disease
failed to realize from the start
That he may control my movements,
but he can't control my heart
And that, my friends, is why
I have come to realize
That his destructive nature
will not be my demise

In fact I think I'll thank him
for the favors he has shown
He forced me to consider
certain failures of my own
He made me realize my life
was full of useless stress
And revealed to me the treasures
with which I'm truly blessed

He opened up my eyes
so that I could look inside
The window of my soul and see
convictions that I hide
My heart feels strangely more content
in very special ways
It seems I savor every moment
of every single day

I've discovered things about myself
which never came to light
Expressing thoughts for me had been
a constant losing fight
So timid and misunderstood,
I always felt apart
And now I feel the urgency
to open up my heart

Rarely a letter did I write,
seldom a note I sent
So difficult it was for me
to say just what I meant
But suddenly poetry came
flowing from my pen
And thus this verse to tell the world
how truly blessed I am
On Parkinsons' Disease