The Scent of a Rose Petal
by Elizabeth Santos
The scent of a rose petal
is all its own
And yet by the breeze
it is tenderly blown
And each one who breathes it
instinctively knows
That this is the scent
of a beautiful rose

The meadow lark sings
his own lovely song
And nobody dares
to attempt sing along
Though we see not the bird
in the morn's early dark
His song in the breeze
is brought right to your heart

The maple turns crimson
when autumn arrives
It reminds us the winter
is soon drawing nigh
Though the tree may shed leaves
in a place we can't see
The breeze lifts them up
and it brings them to me

When I am alone
in the hour of grief
My pain will be shed
by a bright crimson leaf
And sung by a lark
in the manner he knows
And carried to you
by a sweet fragrant rose

The breezes will touch you
and brush on your face
And circle your heart
with a warming embrace
My sorrow and grief,
they will gently impart
And my friends with come quickly
to comfort my heart