The Stone Fence
by Elizabeth Santos
An old stone fence divides the land
On one side woods, the other field
A farmer long ago had cleared
His rocky track that wouldn't yield

He placed the large rocks carefully
To mark his lot as best he could
Between the field and neighbor's woods
And made a fence that since has stood

He never thought that in the future
Toiled hours to clear the land
Would be for us a thing of wonder
Wrought of nature, made by hand

A simple fence of granite rock
Between the woods and meadow's green
Adds dimension to the landscape
Grace and beauty, calm serene

A meadow laced with daisies now
The loveliest sight I've ever known
No canvas could contain this beauty
Framed by woods and granite stone

So lovely is the piled stone fence
Along its edge I slowly plod
And pondering its ageless charm
I think it was put here by God