The Treasure Hunter
by Elizabeth Santos
He searched the waters fathoms deep
In shipwrecked crafts of ancient steep
For treasure of the ship marooned
The pieces of eight and gold doubloon

And would not e'er his spirit rest
Without the find of treasure's chest
For heavy on his mind the weight
Of gold doubloon and pieces of eight

It was the quest for years of time
This secret treasure he would find
And then one day in deep lagoon
He found the chest of gold doubloon

He raised it up to meet the sun
This buried box of treasure won
And set it on the whitened dune
His cherished box of gold doubloon

But when the chest was opened wide
And wealth of gold doubloon he spied
His thought then turned to passion's love
Who waited in the hills above

For she would be the winner of
The treasure sought for sake of love
And she would in her patience wait
For riches found in pieces of eight

But she had long since left that place
For gold was not upon her face
The treasure lost in deeds he'd done
Was greater than the treasure won