The Voice
by Elizabeth Santos
Bundled in a blanket's wrap
In comfort of a winter's nap
I was awakened from a dream
Not by a noise, as it would seem

Though sleet was crackling on the glass
And falling snow was piling fast
It was a quiet voice I heard
Though I remembered not a word

With howling of the blizzard wind
I snuggled ever deeper in
And drifted off in slumbering bliss
But was awakened by a kiss

Not a person was in sight
Alone was I that wintry night
And no one knocking at my door
I drifted off to sleep once more

But I was wakened by my name
As snow eclipsed the window pane
In dead of winter, I could smell
The spingtime flowers I knew so well

Fragrance of the lilac bloom
Had permeated bed and room
T'was then I recognized the one
Who had in silence sweetly come

A mother's kiss, from heaven's blue
A quiet whisper, I love you