To You
by Elizabeth Santos
To you I promise swaying trees
A hint of jasmine in the breeze
The smell of earth in April rain
The drizzling drops on window pain

To you I promise morning's glow
A crocus popping through the snow
The early bird with orange breast
The contents of a robin's nest

I promise you a flower bed
A feathered wing of cardinal red
The sound of stream and gurgling flow
Meanderng through the fallen snow

To you I promise scent of rose
A meadow where the heather grows
The golden beams in sunset sky
And painted wing of butterfly

I promise you an ocean strand
A bucket full of silver sand
A windy beach where sea gulls swoop
The gentle sway of lazy sloop

To you I promise hills of green
A little brook of clear pristine
And filtered sunbeams dancing round
The fallen leaves on forest ground

The rhythms of life's flow and ebb
A spider's silver lacy web
White clouds that pass in sky of blue
Sweet smell of spice I promise you

I promise leaves of crimson red
And candles in a pumpkin head
The geese that fly beyond our reach
The scent of apples, pear and peach

To you I promise crystal flakes
Steep snowy banks and frozen lakes
And icicles that clink and chime
The music of the winter time

I promise mist on country pond
And stars that you can wish upon
A cricket's chirp, a bullfrog's leap
The life in Mother Nature's keep

I promise you a Christmas Eve
Of magic thoughts that never leave
The dream that comes in evening's haze
And lasts the rest of all your days

I promise you the joy and fun
Of things I haven't seen or done
The dreams that you have yet to dream
In shadows of a moonlit beam

All these things that I have sworn
I'll promise on the day you're born
I'll promse you a sunset sky
And painted wing of butterfly

... to my unborn grandson