Poems of Convolutionary Love
This Poem Needed You

If I'd been home
I would have read you this;
instead I pondered
the next morning on
the electric tones of
querulous mystery trembling
claiming you needed a poem
in your voice from my
answering machine.

This poem needed you claiming
you needed a poem,
the machine answering,
and your voice in my form
claiming a poem needed you--
so I couldn't have read you this;

Yet the electric query,
the mysterious claim
querulous in a machine
is the poem you needed;
you'd have missed this poem
of your mystery if
the machine hadn't answered
and I'd been home.

Love By Candlelight

Tell me how it happened
in those strident tones that
once shook my lips,
shaken once the tones
in those lips that told me
it happened, how my strident
touch quivered through
you, as the echoes had flickered
through the candlelight once-
once your touch had echoed through
flickering quivers, the
candlelight, as through the
lips that once in shaken
tones stridently echoed
my touch, through you.