Love Sonnets
Eternal Cycles

In springtime frost cascades in gutters as
A thousand falling tears of shifting stone
Might fall when fleeting restoration has
In blushing flesh ensconced the sterile bone.
This flesh will melt like snowflakes into dust;
Such fragile microcosms must collapse—
But even ancient forests will combust
And grow from fragile shoots as ages lapse.
The changing drifts of continents are seen
To bounce, in slow eternal cycles' eyes;
Cavorting constellations all careen
In steady circles through the inky skies...
Such eternal cycles are never through;
Through all our changes, I'll always love you.


You're somewhere in last night, all tangled up
In mixed memories of quicksilver shudders,
Pain like pleasure like pain, brimming cup
Of drowning joys, sweet fearful heart flutters.
You're somewhere in today senselessly real;
Sleep sure in impossible perfection,
Curled with the poets' hearts you must steal
To their darkly rapturous delection.
You're somewhere in tomorrow, one sure light
In trembling hopes, naked but inspired,
Tempestuously tossed in triumphant night
Lit by freeing joys that won't expire.
You're somewhere in my soul- not bound fast,
But woven through my fabric to the last.