poems by
The Faerie
by Jerrilyn

Venturing from her safe small shell
Seeking a richer existence
Skipping along the well worn path
Gazing in awe at Nature
Strolling easily down the grassy hill
Pausing to admire the valley floor
Straining up the next steep rise
Panting, exhausted, reaching the peak
The world as she knew it, now small and quaint
Vastness stretched out in every direction
Overcome, tumbling dizzily down the hill
Coming to rest against a mighty oak
For days sitting beneath its bowers
Safe from the storms, the wind, the beasts
Snuggling up tightly against its trunk
Reluctant to leave the majesty behind
Spring chased winter, gray fled the scene
She fed on berries, nuts, and herbs
Memories of yesterday twinkled and died
Happily content living beneath the oak
Amongst the wildflowers
Dwelt a rose
From her new home, watching its struggle
Choking, alone, the rose persevered
Attracted by its vibrant red aura
The birds abhorred its thorns
Puzzling its role in the scheme
Of this wondrous place
Still watching, seeing it wither
A sharp stick in hand, digging down deep
Rescuing the beauty from its savage nest
Gently placing it beneath her oak
Patting the ground around its stem
Petals abloom, stretching for the sun
Now basking on center stage
Her compassion noted from on high
The gods smiled down upon them
Swirls of golden dust arose
In its wake, she found her reward
Gossamer wings to explore the new world
Soaring through the azure blue skies
Always returning to the ones she loved most.

Summer's Eve
by Jerrilyn

Lay upon the soft grassy hill
Hear the crickets' chirp so shrill
Smell the sweet summer scent
I never knew how much this meant.

Finger caressing a petal of pink
Sun bids adieu with a playful wink
Brilliant crimson splashes the sky
Twilight arrives in the blink of an eye.

Darkness descends upon God's hand
Silence settles across the land
Lay me down upon the earth
Stars twinkle gaily in their mirth.

Behold a sky so full of life
Sheer beauty cuts as a knife
Frogs sing their song forlorn
Velvety grass the dew adorns.

Sliver of moon hanging so low
Bathing lovers in its milky glow
Summer heat spurs their ardor
Hearts' cadence beating harder.

Shadows entwine, lips touch
Owls keeping silent watch
Senses awaken, his hands lay claim
Holding her close, murmurs her name.

The Drama of Daylight
by Jerrilyn

Billowy white cotton bowls floating dreamily across a sea of powder blue
Drifting, touching, parting
Small wispy tendrils striking out on their own
Daring, creative, seeking independence
Tentatively reaching out to unite with another passerby.

Always shifting, ever changing...majestic balls of fluff
Racing, crashing, melting
Beauty with no motivation, prodded by the will of a fickle breeze
Swiftly, lethargically, inert
Romping and dancing on an azure blue stage, a cast of nameless thousands.

The heroine adorned in virginal white chiffon threads
Dainty, willowy, lithe
The hero boldly leaping and circling the fair damsel
Proud, valiant, dominant
The melodious zephyr recedes to the background as the curtain of nightfall is lowered.

The world breathes a collective, "Bravo!"

Inclement Crescendo
by Jerrilyn

Hera smoothes gray blankets o'er Olympus
The Titans ready their mighty drums
Their rumble shakes the Mount to its core
Yet this is only their warm-up, a mere rehearsal
Setting the stage for a majestic performance
The Gorgon Sisters mold ominous thunderheads
Passing them along an assembly line to await
The mighty blast of breath that will launch them
They gather above Demeter, puffed with arrogance
A sharp nor'easter forged by the fans of the goddesses
With a drum roll, Zeus takes center stage
All is quiet, the fans reduced to a mere whisper
The King raises his clenched fist to the heavens
Aiming carefully, he looses his Arrow of Light
The winds howl, the drums crash, the humans flee
Vainly seeking shelter from the wrath of the gods
Impish laughter resounds from Mount Olympus
Zeus applauds his minstrels, taking his final bow
Draped in robes of azure, he exits, stage left.