In Fleeting Fate
by Marcus Draik

Onward in dolor
Over windows' amber glow
Through churning skies
Illuming the pastures
And cresting the silhouettes

Here lighting in argent rays,
The silent carriage
Dim and fateful sojourn
A phase of mindful night's
Eternal passage

Two strangers ride therein
Through lonesome night
Transfixed on the silvery windows;
From moonlight's dole,
Their sights lift toward each other

Her eyes shine clear, uplifting
A familiar and forgotten song
The glint of a bygone dream
Rousing from mortal slumber
And vying the seas to breathe

His eyes pour knowing warmth
Enwrapping with gentle wings;
A fervent glance
Speaking in soundless moment,
The intimacy of ages

In swirling clouds,
In closing sea of black,
To feel, if for a night
That warmth for life engraved
In wistful smile