by Marcus Draik

In shadow's ashen solace, in the solitude of night
As all abed are dozing, here I watch abreast thy sight
Amidst thee, darkened raiment, cloaking sounds and lights and eyes
Those dreams not slain by sun, I seek beneath the velvet skies.
Above my shadowed passage, Destined's shining window peers
A ring of water's luster, boundless well of dreams and tears
Enrapt in pensive mirror, eyeing down in cloud-crossed glow
Its silver-slivered circlet, gazing back from pools below.
Till somewhere neath thy cover, somewhere loneness to disclaim
One sought is found awaiting, wistful eyes upon the same,
Still wanting not for season, nor for whither footsteps roam
Here shines my star of north
And in its lightfall, I am home.