Sentimental SpentHeart
Selected Poems
Think of me in moments rare,
How deeply once I tried to care;
To touch your heart with tender song,
Meant to last your whole life long.
When rain clouds turn your sky to gray,
If alone you think you face the day;
And friends are not so quick to find,
Think of me... you're on my mind.

Think of me when cold winds blow,
You'll always have a place to go;
Where arms are open to embrace,
And kisses moist caress your face.
If loneliness dare cross your path,
Or happiness has left your grasp;
Across the chasm of endless miles,
Think of me... with cherished smiles.

Think of me as time goes by,
How I couldn't let the feelings die;
Hold these thoughts in a special spot,
Where gardens grow forget-me-nots.
In spring again they reappear,
A sweet reminder of things so dear;
In shades of palest powder blue,
Remember with love... I think of you.
Forget Me Nots
Face pressed against the window
Eyes staring at the street
I feel my body tremble
My heart can hardly beat.
Full of fear and longing
Waiting for the time
When you would walk into my life,
And be completely mine.

No more tossing, no more turning
No more endless, sleepless nights
No more peering in the darkness
After shutting out the lights.
My chest pounding, palms are sweating
I have anguished for this day
When I would lift my eyes and see
You slowly walk my way.

And as you put your arms around me
And pull me close in your embrace,
It somehow will not matter
That I've never seen your face.
I've been breathlessly awaiting
Almost aching with a pain
For the moment I could touch you
And gently speak your name.
First Meeting
As the sun slowly settles
And night shadows fill the sky
I put aside the days reality
And begin in dreams to fly.
With darkness wrapped around me
Like a long black velvet cloud
I bravely let you fill my thoughts
And speak your name out loud.
No one sees me as I begin
My nightly fantasy
Where I can share my secrets
And hold you close to me.
I play our tender love songs
And gently swing and sway
Dancing my sweet lovers dance
That I cant have in the day.
I pull you close, engulfing you
Within my warm embrace
And plant my moist cool lips
Upon your warm sweet face.
I cherish each and every moment
Within our lovers paradise
Never thinking for one instant
Just what will be the price.
But soon the morning sunlight
Starts peeking through the trees
And it is time to part
For you do not belong to me.
And as we kiss our sweet goodbyes
Within the morning light
I will spend the day in waiting
For my haven in the night.
In the Night