Gentle Companion

Chosen yet not by choice, solitary paths have I.
From a distance you called and I never fully understood
Apprehensive that you would, desert me if I dared to surrender.
Most precious flower, that not in solitude can dwell.
Transforming the very core of those fusing themselves with you.
Ceaselessly have I yearned for your caress for your voice
sounded so sweet, whole.
Yet I feared to heed your call, be one with you.
There are so many cloaking themselves with your splendor
that vanishes when touched.
Unlike you. Brightest in the darkness.
Like a mother cradling her new-born child.
How I long for your embrace. Your gentle ways.
Crowned with immortality. Total unison forever.
Someday I shall find your hiding place concealed among
the distant stars.


What noble legacy remains your gift for us to hear,
O how profoundly it transforms cold sadness into joy
When sweet and wondrous sounds begin to touch the ear;
Changing woman into a smiling girl, man to boy.
Quickly enchanting notes ascend on fiery wings,
Banishing dark spirits and happily the dormant strings
Of heart sounds commence anew their leaping ageless play
Evoking dear memories of a long thought exiled day,
Before love so good but could not last sought to depart
Forever wounding in its brush this mortal's heart.


Before the tabernacle's gentle sheen
two children stand.
A thorned crimson rose, a palm leaf green
rest within each tiny hand.
A gift to the omnipotent One, for raising
what the foe makes quickly fall.
Soothing the sharpness of the thorn that
pierces, blessing each drop of blood from all.
That Love imbues itself ever so gently within
each heart, by His command unseen.
Veiling itself beneath the cloak of the
fragrant palm leaf's wondrous green.

Mary Magdalene

It was a beautiful day.
The sun was shining in a special manner.
For its gentle glow touched Him,
who is the Creator of all things.
The earth rejoiced.
The flowers cast their radiance upon the Lord.
Jesus had been invited to the house
of a rich Pharisee named " Simon ."
When the Master entered the dwelling,
Simon omitted the customary courtesies
and attentions usually given to a guest.
No water for His weary feet, no kiss of welcome.
No perfume for His hair, as it was the custom.
Just a gesture for Him
indicating a vacant place at the table.
Than she walked in! A sinner.
What had brought her to this house?
She knew that she would not be welcomed by most.
She was ashamed, trembling.
She did not dare to brush back her hair.
Yet she believed in love.
In forgiveness.
She knelt down before Jesus and upon
our Savior's feet a tear began to fall.
What joy this gesture of love gave to our Lord.
Then her tears started to flow.
Within them were all
the sorrows that her heart contained.
That she had offended Him,
who is all good.
With her hair she wiped away
the tears that had fallen.
Than she took out of her pocket
a bottle of precious ointment.
She gently rubbed it on Jesus' feet.
What care she took,
how her heart rejoiced to be near Him
who knew her better than any creature ever could.
She looked up into the Master's eyes
and she saw something she
had never experienced before.
"Unconditional love."
She felt a touch within her heart, physically.
It would remain with her until the end of her days.
She was not the same person any longer.
Ever so gently she wiped our Lord's feet with her hair.
She longed that the moment would last forever.
Once more she looked at Him,
the Creator of all things and she rose.
"Go and sin no more."


Why soul so brilliant once, now cloaked so pale
The song-bird's voice so sad, muted in the misty air.
The new-born spring breeze now an angry gale
Each maiden's smiling countenance no longer fair.
Yet I can hear my heart proclaim each mortal must
A captive be until again transformed to dust.
Than only shall he, and that alone by loving grace
Eternally behold what so longed for, cast his gaze
In endless joy adore, behold His Maker's sacred face.

Spring Morning

This morning upon a blossomed tree
A tiny bird, so small, barely to see
Cast full of happiness into the air
Its voice and suddenly from everywhere
A chorus of other creatures began a song,
My heart could not help itself but sing along.
Once again I felt so good and whole
That joy filled every corner of my soul.

Feathered Friend

Little sparrow in the sun knows not yet
to fly, O what wondrous sights await you once you
touch the azure sky.
Chirping happily next to your kin
sheltered from all harm
In most joyful manner sing,
beams of sun-light keep you warm.
When at last on wings unfolded
ascending up into the air
Can you see the Master smiling,
He who keeps you in His care.
Thank you for your precious gift
innocence abound.
Once again the Shepherd's touch His splendor
I have found.
all poems (c)1996-1999 Walter Stuck