Works by Natasha (Woodra Nympha)
To Be Held

A desire arose,
(not as risqué as you would like to think),
simply to be held.
To hold.
To hold a man,
to be wrapped in his arms,
to put my arms around him…
to stay in one place entangled
to prove love does exist
and that love is simple…
Simply the desire to hold.

Rain on a Sunday,
Washing blue sky.
My teacup tipped,
Welcomes Heaven’s cry

She sat pondering,
A hand on her chin.
She sat pondering
What could have been.
She sat pondering,
Tears in her eyes,
What it would be like
If she for that second
Could only see.
of being blinded by tears
That usually tortured me.
I Write to You

I hear a weeping in the corner.
My thoughts, my mind,
drift down the river of wonder.
Where was I?
Was I in some dark enclosed room awaiting my love?
Was it a dream?
The past is but a tear and the future the eye,
but now, I do not know now.
I see a great love lingering before my eyes,
a love that only exists in the eye.
Loneliness runs down the cheek of the empty corner
and despair with anger drops from another tear.
Blood flows across the ceiling without falling,
and I see beauty.
From another room,
I can remember a movie and my soul knows the present.
The Great Love exists today,
It is not stuck to the bubble gum of the future.
My mind cries in the fear of dementia.
The release, my love, the release, words on a page.
My lover, my love, my heart passes a great distance
in hopes of seeing you tomorrow.
I see our child, and comfort.
And I feel the Heavens and the Hell,
for I have locked myself in Purgatory.
I will see the Furies; I will see the Sun, Apollo.
But tomorrow I be with the Wood Nymphs,
nd if I be without you,
I be forever lost.

Mundane is the broken heart singing lullabies.
Tomorrow waits,
And winter sings a saying, seeing only sighs.
The myth lasts for ever,
And nothing ever dies.

Upon a sonnet in the season, Shakespeare wrote of mirth.
In the cold, a person sneezes,
A grandma giving birth.
The impossible is treated coldly for its pretended being.
And I,
The fool,
Am of worth.

Kisses and touch
Are all I need to
Erode the jealousy

Candy in a heart shaped box
sits on the shelf next to a white rose.
My heart, beside them sitting, is caught.